Venice Pasta Academy

"Venice pasta academy: fresh pasta every day and more"


Our Menu

Every day we welcome our dear guest with a warm
breakfast:Croissant, oranje juice, cappuccino,
coffee and fresh fruit. We also offer typical
biscuits from the Burano island: “Esse buranelle”
and “Bussolai”; which are still cooked as
our grandmothers taught to venetians, using fresh butter
and eggs and keeping them crunchy as the tradition
requires. For the drinks we are very proud to say
that we present you with the Original Bellini, as
created by Arrigo Cipriani at the legendary Harry’s
Bar. Trusted by Cipriani, we propose organic extra
virgin Olive oil 100% Italian, squeezed out of our
mature olives. Come and try all this for yourself!


The Evergreen sauces
Chicken Ragu
Ingredients: softly fried onions, fresh tomato sauce, fresh basil and chicken breast
Vegetable Ragu
Ingredients: softly fried onions, fresh tomato sauce and fresh vegetables
Tomato and basil
Ingredients: softly frieed onions, fresh tomatoes and basil
And more fresh sauces according to season…:)

OPEN : 9 am to 9 pm Every day
Dorsoduro, 879

30125 Venice, Italy

+39 041 241 3437

Great taste pasta!

A new and simple place where you can taste
a very good traditional pasta homemade. It
is made of durum wheat that has a higher
protein and gluten content to make the
pasta lighter and more digestible, and also withholds sauces way better.
Excellent value and tasty pasta!

Our People
Venice Academy pasta is not just about the pasta.
It’s never been just about its delicious pasta. It’s
about the people who make the pasta. Meet our
talented, hardworking, responsible and dedicated
while they work to deliver the best basta in the world.


Our Artisanal food lab

Fresh homemade pasta as innovative
street food, we deliver you freshly
cooked pasta combined with several
home-made sauces and fresh ingredients;
at the fairest price in Venice. We make
our own pasta with the best certified
ingredients and the finest cooking techniques.

Special  Service


“Indipendent access for disabled people by making it possible to get through the door.”


Our Location


Dorsoduro 881, Rio Terà Foscarini, 30123 Venice, Italy


+39 041 241 3437